About ImageBox.app

from PinCap, Powered by MarkEditor

I created PinCap in 2015, works on Mac and Windows.
Thanks to the new UI engine from MarkEditor 2.0, base on that make it possible to re-create a new PinCap named ImageBox.app (native Mac App).

It's powerful, and it's also free.
So, no feature requests or questions here.

Thanks for understanding, let's enjoy ImageBox.app now!


  • copy image means collect
  • capture whole web page
  • colors analyse and auto group
  • base on folder and pure images (files), no database
  • notes of image merged into image as one file, friendly to kinds of clouds
  • full text search to find images
  • upload image to cloud and get URL (AlibabaCloud, TencentCloud, AmazonS3 or just writing your own script)
  • .md4 or other files are supported, in order to upload theme and get URL
  • optimize image or resize it (export or upload directly to get URL)
  • totally custom a GUI theme, and a powerful algorithm for automatic generation builtin
  • even Mac OS 10.10 can run this App
  • and, it's beautiful


  • 复制图片即可收藏
  • 网页整页截图
  • 图片色彩分析以及自动聚合
  • 基于文件夹管理,无数据库依赖
  • 图片描述合并于图片本身,以便于各种云端同步
  • 全文检索图片
  • 图床(Cloud URL)支持(阿里云、腾讯云、S3 或者自定义脚本)
  • 支持 .mp4、其它文件的呈现,以上传并获得 Cloud URL
  • 图片优化以及尺寸调整(导出或直接上传获得URL)
  • 完全的视觉主题自定义,以及很强的随机自动生成算法
  • 即使 Mac OS 10.10 也能运行这个 App
  • 以及,它很美